Hey Skank, your little squirt is a......cute little..thing...

I think I speak for all men, when I say that babies are BUTT UGLY! We only say their cute, so we have the opportunity to smack up against the nedden again. It's the same logic in going to Oprah's, and Ballets. Not because you're one of those fairy boys that likes that kind of stuff, but just so you can hit the p00n afterwards. (Then again there are some pretty boys that like that kind of queer shit.)

I hate it when I go to a restaurant, with my family, and my mom and my sister go into a baby frenzy, because they saw a turd with a smile. I just can't stress the facts enough about how UGLY babies are.


I have a very DIFFICULT time understanding the beauty behind a hunk of skin, and fat. Women often complain about giving birth to them, but it's really no different than taking a HUGE shit. I would be lying if I said that wasn't true.

I don't have anything against children, I just think they should be seen and not heard.

Nothing pisses me off more, when I go into a public place, so I can hear someone's whinny brat screaming into my ear. It happens all the time when I go to the movie. Either some group of assholes think that it's social time, or it's a cell phone, or it's time to change your babies diaper in the theater time.

Sometimes I wish I had telekinetic control over people's bodies, so I can make them backhand their child, every time they made a peep. People don't understand that beating your kid involves good discipline and control over your child.

Everytime someone asks me if I want to hold their baby, I feel like I want take it, and punt it. Because I am sick and tired of the daily traffic, day in, day out, when I drive. It seems like the world population is growing consistently, and it's getting worse. So many of these people don't believe in abortion, because of their religion, and the thought that somehow killing something with an I.Q. lower than a dog is considered Murder... Pathetic..

Morale of the story: Babies are ugly, bottom line. Christians think I should be crucified, so I better understand their policy towards abortion.