Pop-Up Ads And Spam Junk mail.
You can close this window... NOT! hahaha! That's part of the scam!

They're unavoidable! I've taken every approach to avoid them, yet they still find me. Companies think its funny to piss people off by advertising bullshit, which no one wants to buy. Every company that has sent me their "offers" will find out that I will never do business with them.

I am highly aware of the fact that my current web site host sucks. If I am not paying them for my site, then their advertisers are. I don't have as many problems with Pop-Ups as I do with Spam mail. In fact, I tried to get my friends into downloading and saving the Pop-Up Stopper Software from Panicware . Well who am I? Hey, let's pretend it's a virus hey? My friends do some pretty stupid things, and then complain about preventable pop-ups.

Ok, I use hotmail as my E-Mail provider. Which means no matter what, their highest bidding advertisers will get my e-mail address from Microsoft, in hopes that I will be interested in their bullshit junk mail, or their pop-ups.

I get ungodly amounts of porn mail, which I cannot block, because the sender uses an X-Mail bomber utility to cover up the source e-mail address only exposing the I.P. address. I try to report these people to their ISP by using their Abuse support, but I end up just getting Automated replies. It's about the same kind of shit I have to put up with, when I'm dealing with eBay.

I don't care about penis enlargement pills, or credit cards, or these work from home web sites, which won't even pay you. Most of these e-mails will try and tell you that you've won something. They said you won, but it requires a credit card number in order to obtain the item you supposedly won. Not only that but if you go to claim your prize it requires that you sign on to mailing lists for other cockless spammers, and not even deliver the prize. In fact to get the prize they want you to subscribe and pay for these other advertisers services, which no one gives a flying shit about. Who really gives into this shit?

I think Pop-Ups should be illegal, and something should be done about them. Since no Internet browser in the world wants to take part in preventing them, because of all the companies who promote their products,(Like anyone gives two shits and a fuck about what they're selling.) will pay off Microsoft and Netscape to prevent changes in their future Software, and allow free advertising, and piss people off, who pay to connect to the internet; Just so they can make things difficult.

There's a reason why Colorado law is eliminating annoying Telemarketers. No one should have to be inconvenienced, because some greedy company wants to take your money by harassing you daily.

A lot of people really don't give a shit. They do more bad than good. It makes you wonder why there are so many failing Dot coms.

A lot of the spam that is sent to me, is sent in HTML format, which shows some picture of some whore giving some man's fake 18 inch cock a blow job. They'll have a little link on the bottom, that says "Unsubscribe." By clicking this you're a fool. Not only do you get like 6 pop-ups when you click this link, but when you supposedly unsubscribe, you just sold out to yet another Spammer who just paid this person to add you to his list.

I was once kicked off Hotmail.com because I forwarded corporate spam from the same company, to their customer service department, and pissed off a lot of people. So they told Microsoft to terminate my e-mail account as a violation of the service agreement.

I guess I am not aloud to piss off their sponsors, but hell, I still do it any ways, since the losers at hotmail.com are too much of pussies to ban my I.P. I can just sign up the same e-mail address again. The e-mail staff are so poorly numbered, as well as maintained, so actually getting ahold of them is an impossible task.

To those spammers who I can reply to, I usually send them this message which is attached in my signature:

"To Spamming Advertisers:
I am so sick and tired of your god damn fucking SPAM bullshit. Whenever I click to unsubscribe to your mail, it just adds me to another worthless poser who wants to sell me something.

Fuck you! You're not getting my money, so don't bother! You think I am really going to put my credit card number on your web sites? You scamming pieces of shit! Fuck no!

Furthermore I hope you fucking die a horrible and painful death, and I hope that some day your actions of bothering people lands you in jail, where you get fucked by some buff negro named "Bubba".

I wish you a painful future, thanks for reading."

Spank this monkey and be a winner!
Maybe some day they'll get the message.

Morale of the story: Spammers want to sell me things, not so I buy them, but so I get pissed off and send them threatening hatemail.