Do you want to be a successful person in life? Are you tired of seeing those porno-quality money making infomercials? Tired of hearing the shitty music they play? Well, Panemon has a solution for YOU! Basically to make money, you HAVE to have money! Not with my plan.

1. No more buying wholesale items from distributors.
2. No more business risks!
3. No more attending seminars with that chump Tony Robins!
4. No more of that "Work at home, for someone else." Bullshit.

This is how you do it:

There is a loophole in our legal system, that you, or anyone can take advantage of. (Especially if you are: Colored, gay, or retarded.)

Here is SIX Different steps on how you can be a successful person:

1. Join a White Aryan KKK Organization, and look to see who the members of this organization are. See if they have any businesses, and check out their personnel, and if their staff is all whites, then hire a black friend, and tell him you and him will split the profits. Have him apply for a job at this business, and if they deny him, then use your knowledge of this person's background with the Aryan Nations to sue him, and his company for discrimination. WOW!

2. Get into a manufacturing job, and when your co-workers all yell "CLEAR!", then stick your leg into the machine. Then turn around and sue the company for damages to your leg. WOW!

3. Find a house that has a window on the top of the roof, jump through it, and try very hard to break your leg/ankle without killing yourself. If you don't succeed, then you might as well just take what is in there that doesn't belong to you, and hope that you get away with it. If you do hurt yourself, then you can turn around and sue the owner of the house for your injuries! WOW!

4. A lot of construction sites do not have warning signs anywhere. So basically walk your ass into a construction site, fall into a 15 ft. pit, break your leg, and sue the construction company for not having any warning signs around the construction site! WOW!

5. Walk into a biker's/trucker's bar wearing pink clothes, pantyhose, and walk like you had a cock in your ass. Whenever you talk to someone, talk with a lisp. If you get your ass kicked, you have a lot of people you can sue! Wow!

6. Buy a real piece of shit vehicle, get lots of people to ride with you, then drive like a normal person would. Only preventing a collision that would result in you rear ending someone. Why swerve your car at an intersection when you have the green light? Why slam on your brakes if you're making a left turn at a green arrow and someone runs the light? You can take advantage of these situations, and have lots of people you don't know with you. (Like Rideless Highschool students, hey?) So when a dumb ass makes a mistake and causes an accident (If you're not dead.) then tell all of your passengers to pretend like they're hurt, and require an ambulance. Therefore not only you can sue the insurance company, but so can they. Highschool students are stupid, and they can be manipulated to give you half of what they make. It's even better if you make a deal with friends, to drive around and look for accidents. Your insurance company will just figure you have bad luck. But hey, why not do it, if you can SUE!? Wow!

People don't know their legal rights..If you follow all these steps, you are on your way to financial freedom. With these techniques, you never have to work. You can be your own boss, set your own hours. Sure it's risky, but if you do it right then it won't be so bad! Who knows, your first case could quite possibly make you a millionaire!!

Why not sue people? Sue people because you are an asshole! You've got nothing better to do in life! Why work when you can call a lawyer at least once a day! The American Legal System is there, it's just up to you, on how you use it.

Morale of the story: People who make money from suing people should be shot. Tony Robins has taken my ideas into consideration, for his new seminars.