Frequently Asked Questions, For those who don't get it.

Third Party Reader Agreement Terms:
For Idiots , who like to cause problems

1.  You agree that when you ENTER this site that you are at least 18 years of age or older.
2.  You acknowledge the fact that this web site may have objectionable material, including but not limited to Pornography, and graphic pictures, and reading material that may be unsuitable for minors to read.
3.  If you do not like what you are reading, or seeing, and you feel offended by it.  Then leave and never come back, but please send me hatemail
4.  If I've said something about your company, then you acknowledge the fact that I am not liable for anything said or done here.
Furthermore, you agree that you've read in full; the contents on this Agreement notice, before reading the rants archives and that I will not be responsible for any third party actions as a result of this web page.  This web site only exists for it's sarcastic nature, and is designed for fun purposes only.

You also agree that this contract may be subject to change at any time, without notification, and you also agree to check up for any updates added to this agreement notice.

If you do not agree with this, then you have the right to leave this web site at once.

Frequently Asked Q uestions :
I've been getting frequent E-Mails, that ask the same questions, Over and over and over.  So I've decided to answer them:

Question: What program did you use to make some of the images.

Answer: MS-Paint, and Photo studio 2.0.
Question: Why did you waste time making a web site just to complain about things you cannot change.

Answer:  Because I can.
Question: I visited your web site, and I liked the pictures, but I don't like to read.

Answer:  If you cannot tolerate reading, than maybe you should of considered staying in school.  Telling me that you do not like to come to my web site, and telling me you do not like to read, clearly explains your lack of education.  Reading is a big part of my rants, if you do not like to read, then go watch a Walt Disney movie.
Question: You're dumb because I found an error on your web site.

Answer: I could give a shit about my errors, or errors in grammar or spelling on my web site.  I do try.
Question:  Your site lacks quality, why don't you have frames, Shock wave, or any music?

Answer: My current host only allows .jpg, .gif, .html files to be uploaded.  They want to charge me 30 dollars a month for a premium web hosting service.  I've already tried to upload a SWF file as a test, and my host denied it.  I cannot even use this site to host image files on message boards.  Besides, even if I could I wouldn't want to waste the time to do it.
Question:  Your web site is not original.  I think you plagiarized someone's site.

Answer:  Are you original?  I am aware of the fact that there are many ranting web sites out there, and because I did not Plagiarize, or steal someone's rant material, this clearly makes my web site Original.
Question: I work for Such, and Such company and you made fun of it.  You insulted my company with inaccurate information and, I want you to delete this file off your web site or I will be forced to pursue legal action.

Answer: Trying to take away my first Amendment right to bitch about your company asshole?  I'd like to see you take away my rights in court.  I make fun, and rant about whomever I choose, and you've read and auto agreed to my Terms of Service when you've entered the page.  If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions of my web site, then you have the right to leave at once.  Contents on my web site are sarcastic in nature, and they are not meant to be taken seriously.  If you take them seriously then you should consider taking Prozac.
Question: Why are you so mean to people?  Why do you make fun of them?

Answer: Can't change what I am.
Question: Why do you have so many pop-ups?

Answer: I can't control them at all.  I tried to remove the source information from my HTML, but they update every HTML file and double-check it for the source HTML code to add their pop-ups.  Please make sure you have the proper Pop-Up Killer Software.  Please, do not accept the download from the Gator corporation, I will be contacting them in regards to this situation.  If you allow their software install, you'll get their pop-ups and spam mail advertisers even when you're not surfing on the web.

You can download it by clicking HERE .
Question: Are you still a virgin if you masturbate?

Answer: Yes

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