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This web site is not designed to be beautiful, it is designed to be easy. Web sites with frames, Java script, shock wave, and animation's take way too long to make. So I will not go into great detail into making this page, even though I know how. People with slow connections makes opening a highly detailed web page difficult, especially since I am on a ghetto slow computer right now.

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Rant Archives:

Since I haven't been around my online games in months, and I seem as to have nothing to do as of late. I decided to make a weak web site, a collection of bitch sessions, so I have something better to do with my time.

ULTIMA ONLINE RANTS : The game we love to hate.

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Other Rants:

Rocky's Autos
: Click on the link to find out what annoys me on Colorado Television.

Pop-Ups and Spam : Doesn't matter what I try to do to get rid of them, they still find me.

Porn Makes Me Sick : No Joke Here.

Retarded People : Who the hell wants to live the rest of their life being a complete dumbass?

Would you like my respect? : Good, then follow this link, and learn!

How is your America treating you white man? : Follow this link to find out.

Do you need a Scape Goat? : Look no further, here I am.

Want to know a Great way of making money? : Well, look no further!

Oh, isn't IT adorable? : Keyword: "IT"

I hate Reality T.V. : So don't bother me about what you saw Bob Newbie do on American Idol, ok?

Bill Gates : He's better than you.

What is a faggot? : Let an expert on historical fairy lore guide you.

Jehovah(Or Ihovah) : Once upon a time I read this well written book called: "The Bible." It's characters featured: God, Jesus, and a whole shit load of randomly thought up names. Written by an unknown group of false prophets, and poets, and was created to see who was dumb enough to fall for it all. I guess they fooled the majority of the world.


3/13/17:Decided to log in here again,debating whether or not to resume a blog here.
6/4/13: It is absolutely amazing that this site is still around. It's been 10 WHOLE years since I've updated this little rants page. What have I done since? Well, I quit playing Ultima Online shortly after making my last update to this page. I still have 4 UO accounts growing dust on them. I sold 3 others in my collection, and I attempted to sell the 4 I had, but I was paypal scammed, and lost everything.
Furthermore, I don't have any plans to update this site. I removed some of the content here that I've posted in my ranting, as the years have changed my views, and opinions.

I had a fun youtube channel, but youtube does not allow my kind of fun.
5/31/03: I just got a new job that is going to keep me from updating this site on a regular basis. I've been working on various shockwave animations, hopefully for a new website. I cannot post them here though, because 20megsfree.com will not allow me to post anything other than compressed image files, and Html files. I also have added a new site URL redirector. This site can now be accessed as either: Panemon.ismad.com, or Panemon.20megsfree.com.

5/20/03: Will be adding a Chat site soon, along with a Phpbb2 Forum, and a new counter. Any ideas? (besides frames, exotic html, or any additions in which I'm too cheap to pay for.)

Future Rants:
I hate the Gator Corporation, they put a direct download pop-up on my site, and it pisses me off every time. So I will be adding a new rant about this.

-Hubris PvP Ultima Online Shard Rants. Coming soon!

- Askchopper Should be Shut Down! Permenently! No questions asked!

Mad? Send me your hate mail!

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