Retards don't deserve to live.
Shoot me and get it over with.  END THE MADNESS!

That's right. All of you hippie assholes who think otherwise are wrong.  We put animals to sleep when they are suffering, or if they bit someone, or if they misbehave.  Well mental defects misbehave all the time.  Yeah sure some Autistic kids have smarts in math, and what not, but it still doesn't cover the fact that they'll never have a normal life!  That is what is so fucked up about that movie called "Rainman".  It was a movie written by a hippie director, to glorify the lives of retards, to justify their reasons for co-existing in humanity.

If I was this fucked up in life, and I was retarded in every shape and form, I would of ended myself years ago.  I don't see how the government can allow people like this to live.  It's 24 hour torture.  Retards, they're useless, they sit in a mental hospital, masturbating, and playing with their feces, while watching a black and white T.V.  Usually they watch stupid kid movies like Bambi, while all the rest of them are clapping and muttering in joy with their raspy voices, not even having a clue what they're cheering about..

I couldn't be happy if I laid in a bed with restraints on when I go to bed, I couldn't even scratch my balls if they needed to be scratched, because of a nurse's fear that I might just wake up and jump out the window for no apparent reason.  Jumping out of the window would be a great way of escaping the problem, but most retards wouldn't even understand the concept of suicide.  They would just jump out the window, and expect to fly like Dumbo, and find out that Dumbo made them look and feel like a Dumbass.(Not that they wern't a dumbass already.)

Sure I am being immoral about this, but think about how everyday life is to a bored out of your mind retard.  They should be put out of their misery.

The human race has evolved because of our dependence on being intelligent, and learning more about ourselves.  All you're doing when you let retards live is backtracking.  They don't know they exist, their brains will never be fixed.  So it's real easy, take a gun, point it to their head, and shoot.  That is the humane way of doing it.  The inhumane way is to let them rot away as a living human corpse, and eventually let the unknown stress of their poorly functioning brain kill them.

Morale of the story:  Human Rights Activists would like to see me put out of my misery.