Fuck you all!

Let's face it. Reality T.V. shows are only about one thing: COMPETITIVE RATINGS. Am I the only person in the world who doesn't give two shits, and a fuck about Reality T.V.?

I hate it when some douchebag comes over to me, and starts talking to me about how someone on American Idol sucks at singing and should be taken off. I DON'T FUCKING CARE! I think YOU SUCK, and you should STOP TALKING!  I don't watch that shit, nor will have have the sanity to keep up with it. People come up to me, and talk to me about the seriousness they feel about a particular character in one of these fucking retarded T.V. shows, and it makes me want to shit in their face.

Real reality T.V. that I would watch, would be something like Faces of Death. Not these soft-core reality shows, where they plot you in a jungle, and you have to make your way through it, with a bunch of high-tech cameras zooming in on your facial expressions, hoping that you break down and cry, so the whole world can see it, and satisfy all of the international corporate sponsors.

Who cares?

I remember one time watching one of these Reality T.V. shows called "Fear Factor." The guy who beat everyone, was the faggot. He was telling everyone what he was going to do with fifty thousand dollars and he said that he was going to have the 50k worth of money spent to enhance the size of his ass. Possibly to have a much more pleasurable fudge packing experience. Who the hell wants to put 50k into their ass? Now you know why I don't keep up on Reality T.V. Shows.

If you came to me, and offered me 1 million dollars, to go on a T.V. show, you would probably walk away with a serious limp after getting my answer.

I can't even watch the news anymore without seeing what happened on SURVIVOR, as if it was actually NEWS! It's not even what I would call REALITY T.V.! I hate what America thinks is reality T.V.

Here is what I think about the different reality t.v. shows:

1. Survivor: This show is about groups of super models/college educated limp dicks, running around on logs, jumping over things, and eating bugs, to prove their "immunity." The winner gets paid a measly 1 million dollars, minus taxes. Only about1% of the massive profits they get from their big time sponsors. There it not even any realism in this show, everything is so fake, and it's all pussy. I saw two episodes in my whole life. In fact I never saw both of the episodes in whole.

2. Osbornes: Who are the Osbornes, I didn't figure it out till I asked someone. I don't listen to trashy music, so I didn't know. So basically the camera follows them around the house, capturing mug shots of the family, disturbing any privacy that they have. I saw previews about this.

3. Jackass: This T.V. show is about idiots, for idiots. So it teaches people to do stupid things like THIS . I've never seen this show.

4. Joe Millionaire: It's about a hard working man, who is pressured into being on T.V. So they make him look like a millionaire, and all these super models attend to this, hoping they're going to get rich, just to find out this guy really isn't a millionaire. What's the point? It just pisses off the gold digger women who came there. Not only that but the media is very stereotypical about what people do in real life, such as work, education, and such. I watched the final episode.

5. Big Brother: Basically it's a show about people following you around, as you live in a house with strangers. So you're on a 24/7 Web cam. What a stupid show. I never watched this.

6. Extreme Makeover: This one is here so it makes ugly people, even uglier. I never watched this.

7. Tough Enough: This one is for weaklings, so they can try and prove to the world that they are strong. Never seen it.

8. The Bachelor: About some rich, successful man, who has to choose between many gold digger super models, just so after they win their money, they can get a divorce, and laugh at the fools who wasted all that time watching it.

9. Mr. Personality: Basically like The Bachelor/Bachelorette, but the highlight of the show is the fact that it's being hosted by a world renown presidential slut: Monica Lewinsky. Never seen it.

10. American Idol: This show is about singers, singing to popular music, and giving me a headache. They all sing rather poorly, and I've only seen parts of one episode of this show.

Morale of the story: Reality T.V. fans took these shows too personally and told me about them to piss me off.