Porn Makes Me Sick!

I consider myself a fairly clean person in real life, but what people fail to realize is the fact that sex is what causes people to get sick.  Don't believe me?  Just watch some dirty porn videos.  There is a good reason why people call them "DIRTY".  Okay?

I came across some porn video, of who I considered one of the most sexiest porn stars in the world. (GAUGE)  I've only seen solo pics of her naked, and never seen a video feed of her.  I watched her on top of some other girl, sharing an ejaculating cock, with slutty grins on their faces as they exchange body fluids between the three of them.  Then the guy pulls this huge butt plug out of the other girls ass, and it makes this horrendous queefing sound as he pulls it out of her ass, and then gives it to GAUGE to stick it in her mouth.  GAUGE then starts sucking away at it, licking all the asshole juices off this massive plastic butt plug.  It made me want to vomit.  I hate that porn star now.. In fact I hate all porn stars.

Women like to complain about the taste of seminal fluid, when it's an internal fluid not subjected to bacteria, unlike the internal decay of vagina bacterias.  Most illnesses and viruses come from women I believe.

How many times has your girlfriend or wife asked you to eat her out?  Or how many times has she asked you to stick it in her ass?  Better yet, how many times has she asked you to tickle her asshole with your tongue?

A lot of people do not realize that bacteria often grow in warm, and wet places.  The perfect place to grow bacteria would be in the vagina, or in the asshole. 

We've got all your germ related issues up in this bitch.

The asshole was designed not for consumable contact, it was designed as a way to eliminate bodily waste products.  Women need to see the Gynecologist every so often, because imbalanced hormones, bacterial infections, yet they want you to stick your mouth in that foul area of their body. "Because it's only fair.", "I'll scratch your back, you lick my snatch?" It's no wonder it stinks so bad down there.

Lately I've kept very clean, and now I've been sick for the third time, over a period of 3 months, with the very same symptoms.  I blame it all on porn.  Why not?  What happens when your body takes in this bacteria?  It grows in your body, then it turns into something worse.

It's no wonder the Chinese came across the sars virus.  They have such limited sexual reproduction there, that the sexual impulse is an outrage.  Therefore all these morons who like to "Experiment". "Oh don't worry Jung, just put it in my ass, and then i'll suck your cock afterwards, then we'll make out. It won't harm us."... Right... Good Ol' Harmless porn.

First of all idiot porn stars, this is what I'd like to know:
What is so pleasurable about licking assholes, eating out of vaginas, sticking ANYTHING in the ass. (No G-Spot is in there.)
How does it taste?  Does it taste good enough to keep up your pathetic fucking career as a shit-eater?  Do you like the taste  of ejaculate in your mouth when you wake up in the morning skanks?

There is a reason why an asshole smells like SHIT, and a vagina smells like DECAYING FISH.  That's what we like to call odor, or BACTERIAL Odor.  It's the smell of decaying body cells, and waste fluids which is the way the body can dispose of it.  Shit, and fishy vaginal juices ARE NOT, and I REPEAT .. ARE NOT A CONSUMABLE SUBSTANCE.

They should have this information tattooed on people's private areas as a Surgeon General's warning, that says: Inhaling, snorting, slobbering, or taking in any vaginal, anal, or any liquid excretion substance, may result in sickness, death, ass kicking or Panemon making fun of you on his pointless website.

It's bad enough that viruses like SARS are Airborne, and can be taken in by just inhaling it.  But you stupid asshole licking porn stars need to find a new sexual routine that doesn't involve exposure to bacteria.  There's probably more I want to say, but I am tired, and this whole topic is making me sick.

Asians give much love, epecially with Sarrs.

Morale of the story: Porn stars think I am too much of a clean freak to realize that their sexual activities result in sickness, and disease.