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What is a Faggot?

I had the misfortune of logging into UO today, being confronted by some newbie I never even met, trying to tell me, how much I suck,  Because I refuse to duel him on a Pentium 166 computer with 64 MB of Ram with a cable modem that has an average 40-50 ping ratio for about 5-100 hops before it times out for 1-20 hops, with a 400-900 ping recovery rate.  I've never fought him in the game, and he can't talk shit, because he doesn't have jack shit on me.  So then I lost connection , yet again.  The little fairy was gone.

  I don't care what PvP is like, or how great it is.  It doesn't change the fact that Ultima Online is a worthless game that takes no skill to play.  People who've been around as long as I have, know this as a fact!

I only log into UO to catch up with old friends, and try to get away with pissing people off, here and there, then I log out an I'm happy.

So I began talking to some newbies, about how: "I hate it when some random faggot comes over to me, and wants to duel in the shitty PvP environment which is the new Ultima Online Patch: Age of Shadows."  Then all the sudden I was stopped right there by this moral newbie idiot named Azreil.

Azreil began spitting out bullshit about the word "faggot."  What people still don't seem to understand is: I use profanity, because I am adult enough to handle it.  

So this moral moron starts spewing out bullshit about my misuse of the word "faggot."  Then said that he was gay, and he was very offended by it.  I'm thinking, yeah right.

I've seen this scam before. (not in this situation) The idiot says: "please don't use that word, because it offends me." So then when you use it again, he calls a GM, not because he's offended, but because it would make him happy to see someone lose their UO account.  It's a quite common occurrence in UO.  I lost a UO account for coming up to a friend and saying : "Waz up mah nigga."  So some dip shit calls a Game master on me, and says I'm using Racial slurs.  Then my account is permanently banned, because some idiotic GM didn't understand the meaning behind the word: "Nigga."  This word had no obvious racially disturbing meaning to it.  It was simple as slang.  Only because it was a methodical way to take action against someone you don't like. (perhaps if they kicked your ass in the game a lot, they'll do anything to get your account banned.)  Origin Systems Inc. (The company who makes the game, also known as: O.S.I.)Are too fucking stupid to understand the meaning of certain words.  They really don't care as long as they meet their banning quota, and make it look like they're doing their jobs.

So I then spoke up, and told him: "Oh I see.", "Wait, I know this scam.", "You're going to call a GM on me, not because you're offended, but because you wanna be a little punk ass, well go ahead.","You're not exactly a GM, but I suppose your wanna-be tactics will suffice."  Apparently I made him look like a fool in front of his friends who depend on him for his leadership and intelligence, so he had to use another approach to the situation.

I almost got worried, that I was having a conversation with Arioch of Baja LoD, haha. (Inside Joke there.)

So this douche bag church magnet, starts bullshitting me to death, about the: HISTORY of the word Faggot.  He told me, my usage of the word: "Faggot." Was to him considered as a hate crime.  He was afraid to use profanity, he kept referring the word "Faggot" as being: "The "F" Word." or he would say it like this: F a g g o t, and waste all that unnecessary time to censor his words, add spaces to them, so it somehow doesn't look obvious that he's being offensive, or hypocritical.only making a bigger fool of himself after I pointed that out.

So after I let him speak about his vague historical reference (which was not in context here) to the word: "Faggot."  I then, by default accepted his inacute criticism, about my use of the word: "Faggot". I had to further explain MY meaning of the word: "Faggot." So he understood.  My meaning of the word faggot was in reference to an insult, which makes fun of gay people.  He had to find some sort of bullshit story, so then he could tell me that I'm a moron, and that I didn't research my words before I used them.

He explained my use of the word is a hate crime because, back in the good old days, people used to burn queers or some shit, by tying them up with sticks, and burn them, with the gays attached.  I laughed when he said it, BecauseI had to think about what he just said; that the history of the word was about burning gays.  Haha, Anyways..  Somehow, I let him stick with his story, and felt if I commented on that, I would be acting ignorant. therefore I would need to research the word further, before I challenge his thoughts.  Regardless, if he was right or wrong, I didn't care.  The sole purpose of the word was to make fun of someone.  If you're going to mock my words, and try to change their obvious meaning, then you should be shot.

I had a long bitch session with Arioch of LoD on the LoD boards about my insult to a Canadian moron as him being "Jewish."  He spouted out some bullshit about me at first being racist, when it's not being Racist, when you're making fun of religion.(Since some fools depend on accuracy, such as this guy.)  I used the word as an "Insult" and it should be taken as such.  It's funny when someone takes a word you use, and changes the meaning of it.  It's so obvious what the meaning behind it was.

1. I was not making fun of their religion.
2. They are most likely not JEWISH, or of Jewish decent.
3. I wasn't referring them to as having sexual intercourse with a Jew.(Some idiots may be drawn to this illogical conclusion.)

It was an INSULT, I don't care if I am being politically correct.  When I say someone is being Jewish, I say it because they're being an idiot.  Not to say that all Jews are stupid, it was just a good use of words to get them even more pissed off at me, because eventually they'll start calling me Hitler, and all that fun stuff that people say when they're Really REALLY pissed off, but are too stupid to understand someone who uses sarcasm to their advantage.  I'll even play along with sarcastic comments, just to see if someone is dumb enough to really fall for them.

Azreil was obviously running out of thoughts, because he then started to contradict himself.  When I finally told him how much of a pussy ass little bitch he was for his inability to swear.  For a while he kept saying that a real mature person, doesn't use profanity.  How does a mature person not swear?  I mean, who the the WORLD should be offended by someone's words?  Who cares?  Is your mind really that poisoned, that you actually give two shits and a flying fuck what someone actually thinks of you?  

I then questioned him about his upbringing, and asked him if he was raised by the pope.(Well, he's gay, a true sign of weakness in a male.)  After pissing him off enough about this issue,  I finally got him to say the words: "Fuck Fuck Fuck." (I wish I took a screenshot of this, but I kept losing connection.) Being the kind of guy I am, I gave him his props.  Eventually our conversation was continued in profanity.  I started to like the influence I was programming on this retard.  It's too bad I could not change his sexual preferences though.

Now that he has run out of possible thoughts, he then tries to start a serious moral conversation with me, about my usage of the word.  Then he tells me, that I am a cold hearted, immoral bastard.  He then told me I was a very mean person.  He tried to start some religious conversation with me, hoping that he would convince me in believing in his delusional of god.  I stopped him right there,  I said:  "Save your delusions for someone who actually gives a shit."  He couldn't think of anything worthwhile to say after that.  So I told him, that I am a mean person, I'm cold-hearted; evil.  What's your point?  Is this supposed to be insulting?  If you're tying to insult me with this, you're really doing a shitty job at it.  Off and on, he tried to turn me into a moral person, and found that his efforts to change my way of thinking was failing for him. I think he was trying to reach the side of me that doesn't exist; my feminine side. He was probably hoping that he could talk me into being more of a woman, in hopes that I will become a fudgepacking homosexual like he is.

I am not a racist, nor am I against gays.  I like to make fun of people.  It's what I do best.
Whenever some guy in Ultima Online calls me a: "Nigger;" I laugh!  I don't laugh because I'm sporting a tatooed swatstika on my testicles, and that I believe in that Redneck garbage.  I laugh because:

1. I am not black.
2. Because I like to call white people niggers also.
3. It doesn't offend me, because slavery and equal rights issues have been taken care of a long time ago.  Those who still stick with their ancestors in mind, and cry about the past, need to be beaten like a slave would.
4. I like black people, and I have many black friends, and we joke about racial shit all the time.

I was going to post this, whether or not Azreil was right or not about his extensive historical knowledge about the word. So then I did a little follow-up on his extensive, historical research.

Allow me to make list of different meanings of the definition of the word: "Faggot."

n. & v.
Variant of fagot.

n. Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a homosexual man.

fag·ot also fag·got
A bundle of twigs, sticks, or branches bound together.
A bundle of pieces of iron or steel to be welded or hammered into bars.

tr.v. fag·ot·ed, also fag·got·ed fag·ot·ing, fag·got·ing fag·ots, fag·gots
To bind into a fagot; bundle.
To decorate with fagoting.

Now didn't this fucking moron, just say that the word: "Faggot,"  was originated as a terminology as punishment for gays, by tying them up with sticks and burning them?  Maybe he needs to do his research, so that he realizes his hate crime research is based on a bundle of sticks bound together. (Not used to burn faggots, fucking smart guy.)

I always love to point out how stupid people can be.  I am not a big fan of spelling or perfect grammar, as long as the message gets through, but when you start attacking my intelligence with invalid resources, or false acknowledgment, or understanding of the meaning of a word in the current discussion,(EPSECIALLY if you're being a hypocrite.) then you're better off at just grabbing your ankles in submission, because no matter what.  I have your ass like a Bitch-Ass Bubba.

At least we've learned one valid fact from all of this. Azreil is gay.

All of this could of been prevented if Azreil, a.k.a. Elite Queer Historian, knew this definition:

n. Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a homosexual man.

Morale of the story: Faggots thought they would glorify their existence in the world by telling me, that they were historically tied up with sticks, and burned, when it really was the fact that they were tied up with sticks, and forced into gay sexual acts of bondage.  Yes, I am an asshole for saying this.  Thanks.