¿Cómo usted está haciendo? Usted Putos.

Is anyone besides me getting tired of all the Mexican illegals taking over our jobs, and destroying our economy?  Most of our tax dollars go into preventing these assholes from coming into our country, and the other portion of our tax dollars go into a free joyride education for these dumb asses.

These people may appear to be hardworking, or what not, but they really aren't.  They come to this country and take, then once they've attained a certain amount of prosperity, they take their  money and bring it back to Mexico where it is worth more.  Then when they achieve that goal then it's time to retire early.

Steps in being a successful illegal alien:

1. Sneak across the border, and steal a panel wagon.
2. Drive back into Mexico, and gather your family.
3. Find the most unlikely spot for Border patrol to hang out, i.e. Colorado.
4. Find a contractor willing to pay you to do work for less.  Since this contractor has you not listed as an American Citizen, he doesn't have to worry about paying taxes on your labor, or offering you benefits..
5. Once you get settled in with your 20 family members in an Apartment, go to the government and claim to be a United States Citizen seeking welfare, and hell while you're at it throw in a scholarship grant so you can learn to speak English.. Don't worry, it won't cost you anything, because it's on us.
6. Once you make enough money, you can then put a loan on a house, and have every member of your family working full-time minimum wage jobs and be able to pay off that loan in 2 years.
7. Then you can have lots of children, so when Border patrol finds out you're illegal someday, you can prove your American Citizenship by justifying it with your kids who are born here in the U.S.  Which somehow makes them American Citizens by default.
8.  Then you can raise your children to hate Americans, and take part in criminal activities.  Teach your children how to break into houses, and rape white women.  Or better yet you can teach them how to break into someone's house to steal women's underwear.
9. Then once you do all of this, and you're not in jail, then you get to be the lucky person that you are, and sell your house, your cars, your stolen goods.
10. Then you take it all back to Mexico, and you and your family members can retire early.

I say this is bullshit, there's only one way to stop a flood.  To stop the flood you need a barrier, and to make a barrier you need shotguns, hand grenades, machine guns, land mines, and nuclear weapons.

I say we go to war with Mexico, and kill anyone who speaks Spanish fluently.