Has this ever happened to YOU?

It's all your fault!

It's all your fault!
It's all your fault!
It's all your fault!

Want to have a Scape Goat in life? Why not use me to cover up the fact that you're a computer illiterate MORON.

I'll admit, computers do not excite me very much. Their operations are simple, you do what you tell them to do. Computers don't have a brain, computers have INSTRUCTIONS, and if you do not give them the right instructions, they tend not to work properly. Computers are designed to be intimidating, and frustrating, if you cannot understand the meaning of this, then you shouldn't be playing with them. You shouldn't expect to get pissed off every time something happens to your computer.

I use computers for very few purposes. I use computers for gaming related reasons. I am not into serious hard-core web design, even though I know how to work with Javascript, Shock wave Flash, and Frames, and sound design. However, I am not going to spend a great heap of time, in investing countless hours perfecting frames, and various shock wave animation's. I try to compile information as easily as possible to get the POINT ACROSS.

In fact, I think it's a little odd sometimes. It seems like every time I touch someone's computer, they get a virus on it, and it's my fault? The last time I executed a virus on my computer, was a trojan, which was by accident, since I accidentally hit the middle mouse button which executes instead of highlights. To say the less the virus was deleted immediately, with ease, and nothing was damaged. I wouldn't even call a trojan a virus, a trojan just chills in memory and sends your keystrokes to idiots who think they can hack. I've never had a real virus on my computer until 1995, when I was running Windows 95, and I was experimenting with viruses, and ran it, just to see what it would do.(Since I wrote it in .asm)

If I am not being accused of getting viruses on their computer, I am somehow indirectly getting blamed for their E-Mail malfunctions.

What logical purpose or reasoning would I have to deliberately destroy someone's computer, unless I hated them, and they deserved it? Sure during 1995-1996 I took advantage of the 00b Port 139.56 Denial of service attack, otherwise known as WIN NUKE. Which usually worked well against idiot AOLers using Windows 95, who enjoyed spamming in chat.

These people were so stupid, that they wouldn't even bother to reset their computer to fix their Dial-up Drivers, instead they would reformat right there, just because they couldn't reconnect to the internet. Hell there was an immediate fix from Microsoft, and Win Nuke worked for a good 2 years, before idiots came to realize that there was a patch for Windows 95 for it. That shit was more fun then ICMP Bombing on IRC servers! (still works to this day.)

I have no reason to harm a FRIENDS computer, unless I was an idiot, and I wanted to ruin a friendship. However a lot of my friends, on ICQ, and people I know in real life, including my PARENTS, would like to think I purposely mess things up on their computers.

I have extensive knowledge on how to keep up on the operations of my computer, and I know what to do, and what not to do. I know how to keep a computer running, and never have any major difficulties. Any difficulties that I do have, I can troubleshoot them, and be able to keep from losing information.

I've got old Diablo files dating back from 1995-1997, and some Ultima Online Files dating back to as early as late 1997, which is still around on my parents computer.(The slow one I am using right now.) I've had these files for so long, on the SAME HARD DRIVE, because I know how to TAKE CARE of what I use, and I know what NOT to do on a computer.

I just love it, when I take a break from using someone's computer, and then they run across a "Virus" of some kind, and because I haven't used their computer ever since, they have no one to blame but themselves for their problem.

10 Steps to keep your computer from crashing, generally caused by operator error:
1. If it works, DON'T FIX IT!
2. If you do not know what that button does, then DON'T CLICK IT!
3. Reset your computer, and run disk diagnostics utilities OFTEN.
4. Run Virus Scan on EVERYTHING you download, if you don't do that then you're just lazy!
5. Always leave Virus Scan running in memory, and have a firewall running, and UPDATE your Virus data files every day!
6. Don't accept files from people you don't know, or don't know very well. Even your most trusted online friends will screw you over just for kicks, or some will impersonate your friends just to screw you over.
7. If someone sends you a VIRUS over E-mail, Don't be a dummy, copy their I.P. Header information and send it in to the F.C.C. and have their internet access suspended.
8. Close all Pop-ups, and never Subscribe to their bullshit. Even programs that look like trustworthy online savings utilities, are really just a bunch of 14 year old assholes, looking to get your credit card number so they can subscribe to playboy.com and look at "titties." *Blush*
10. Back Up your files before you reformat, don't be a shit head.

Morale of the story: People would like to think that I purposely mess up their computer, but realize that it's their own stupidity that causes their problems.