Inovation, or Fraud?

Am I the only person in the world who considers Microsoft a legitimate, and successful company?  Am I the only person who believes they top the charts when it comes to innovation?

Hollywood recently made a movie called "Anti-Trust", which was about a friendly billion dollar CEO guy, who was stealing the code of programers, and having them silenced.  Apparently they got the idea from the Anti-Trust lawsuit, with Bill gates, the CEO of Microsoft.  I can only imagine this movie was created with the help of bitchy software companies, who needed to let the world know how pissed off they are.  So then this pretty boy hacker in the movie, finds out how to get the CEO busted, basically that's the movie, but any ways...

What pisses me off is how everything in the world is supposed to be "fair."  Who the fuck said life was fair?  Why should everyone be even?  Especially those WHO DON'T DESERVE IT!

Microsoft is a multi-billion dollar company right now, and they are this way, because of something Software Designers lack; called: INNOVATION!  Why not blame your financial hardships on a company that is more successful than you?  Why not sue Microsoft for being BETTER THAN YOU. Let's be UNCREATIVE assholes, and try to sell something that nobody wants to buy.

Should I go and turn around and Sue an Athlete because he plays Baseball better than I do?  Is this even logical?  It's basically the same thing.  If you can't compete, then you better find a new occupation, besides pissing away at Software that nobody wants to buy, or use.  It's not "Anti-Trust", it's jealousy.

Who cares if Microsoft installs their OWN software, and programs services for THEIR OWN SOFTWARE!  It's their fucking software!  If they want to include their own services with their Software, than they HAVE THAT RIGHT.  Why should you bitch and complain?  Most competitive software companies are making a killing in their Annual Revenues, but they're just too greedy, selfish, and jealous against their competitors, that they have to abuse the legal system, and win money which doesn't belong to them.

If it's not making fun of Bill Gates for having more money than them, it's how his software works.  People fail to realize that a REAL programmers Software never works properly for the first time.  All programming has glitches in it.  Many years of research have gone into these programs for patches, and updates, but people still complain.  What gives?

People are jealous of Microsoft because Bill Gates is a Multi-Billion dollar CEO.  He deserved every fucking penny.  He also donates billions of his OWN money to charities, and donations to people who need it.  He does have a LOT of money, but it's his money you stupid fucks.  Don't complain about what's fair, because he's using his own money to help moocher bums get jobs, and education.  That seems fair to me, considering he has a choice on what he does with his money.


I don't care if Microsoft went and designed their graphic user interface to reject the offers from other companies.  Computer companies use Microsoft Windows, with all their default machines.  If you can't handle this, then make your own god damn Operating System.  Why should Microsoft have to tolerate advertising, or allowing your shitty software, just to be "fair"?  Fuck you!

If everyone followed the logic of Sun Microsystems (or whatever the fuck they call themselves.) then everyone would be suing.  These companies are so rich, that their multi-million dollar income isn't enough to satisfy their greed.  So they need to turn around and sue their competitors for being better than they are.

What a fucking crock of shit.  You fucking people don't understand shit.  This is one of the many reasons why I hate this country so much.  There is no freedom in the U.S.A. If there was, then you wouldn't have to put up with the degenerate mental defects that can't compete with someone better than them.

Why not?  I see it in my online games all the time.  Just when someone is clearly legitimately better than them, they refer to them as being cheaters.  Or they try to get them in some sort of trouble by abusing the game system, and bothering the support staffs.  If I can't beat someone, I admit that they are better than me, and I move along.  I don't lose, and need an excuse to justify the reason why I suck, even if I was at a disadvantage.  There's always a disadvantage in life, if you can't handle that, then maybe you should do something else in life, like get hit by a truck.

I bitch about things like this, because I CAN.  I have my 1st Amendment rights.  Freedom of Speech assholes, but even Freedom of Speech is limited.  If you don't agree, then send me E-Mail about your thoughts.  This has nothing to do with Originality, it's about success.  If you can't make your own Software, and then bitch about how someone's is better, then you better try something else in life; Because YOU SUCK!

Morale of the story:Uncreative, assholes came to this site, shaking their heads in disagreement to what I had to say.